Hours of Operation:Preschool……………………..........6:30am. – 6:30pm

Kindergarten……………….........6:30am. – 6:30pm

School Age After Care……..3:30pm. – 6:30pm.
Our Lunch Program Lunches are available at an extra cost of $50.00 per month for a child attending
five days (4 days=$45, 3 days= $40, 2 days=$35). Lunches charged at this reduced, subsidized rate
may only be purchased in advance for the following month, as costs are figured for bulk buying.
Parents may also choose to purchase lunch on a daily basis. If you are interested in taking advantage
of our hot lunch program periodically, the charge is $3.00 per day, and is to be sent in on the day
your child will participate. We do this on an honor system due to the amount of time spent on
book-keeping, so please make sure you give the daily fee directly to the teacher or drop it in the
tuition box with your name on it.
Financial Assistance Parents who are on assistance or who need financial help may apply for a limited
number of scholarships for tuition. Selection of participants is based on length of time of attendance
and availability of money in the budget. The maximum tuition scholarship amount available will be 10%
of the monthly cost. Scholarships are only offered to children attending full-time.
Sibling Discount There is a $50.00 discount for each additional sibling enrolled full-time. There is no
discount for part-time children.
Registration Fees A one-time registration fee of $50 is due when you pre-register. An annual $25 fee is
charged each year thereafter to
hold a place for your child. This fee will be due each May to ensure your
child’s place for the following fall.
Registration for Full-Day Kindergarten Parent who register their children for our full-day kindergarten
program must leave a $250 deposit applicable towards September tuition by June 1st to guarantee a
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